Flat Rate Pricing

Clarkson Auctions & Movers Inc. will always provide you with a Flat-Rate price for your move or junk removal, during an on site quote. There are no add on fees for anything that we as a company can control. No fuel surcharges, we’ll never ask you for more money because it took more time than we thought, or a second truck.

Be wary of any company that offers a price over the phone. These companies often ask for more money when they arrive, or in the middle of your move (holding you hostage, as you need to be out for the new owners!) We’ve heard horror stories of quotes ballooning to double the price for reasons like “we didn’t know your place had so much stuff upstairs” or “we have to make a second trip”. Insist on an in person, written quote for your own protection.

Professional, Flat Rate Moving Services

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