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Newmarket, Ontario, is a quickly growing northern part of the Greater Toronto Area. You may be moving here to to get away from the fast pace of the city, to work, be closer to family, or to retire! We’ve moved many families in and out of Newmarket, especially over the past few years.


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We do a complete moving quote for every potential client. All you have to do is call or email us and we’ll book a time to come by your Newmarket home. Together, we will walk through your home to see all the items to be moved, any potential issues, stairs and distances. By doing this, we get a good feel for exactly what your move will require – the size of moving truck (or trucks) to bring, the number of staff, boxes, wardrobes, mattress covers, etc. Then we’ll ask you questions about where you are moving in to, we’ll discuss closing and moving dates (they don’t have to be the same!), explain how the move will go, then finally, we provide you with a Flat Rate Moving Quote. Your price will never increase unless you add a significant amount of items to your move, or we are kept waiting a significant amount of time (due to lawyers, the current owners not being out in time, etc – (read more here to find out how we remove this issue entirely!)

Be careful when choosing your moving company on price alone. A cheaper move might save you a few hundred dollars up front, but just one damaged item or wall can result in spending your savings on repairs. And you may find a cheap move becomes expensive when the movers show up on the big day and start adding costs for stairs, exercise equipment or unforeseen issues (because they didn’t do a walk through of your home before giving you a price! )


Often Referred


Our moving division has grown organically, from auction clients requesting we move them (we already had the trucks and staff, and they saw how careful we were with their possessions!). Soon those clients referred their friends, then we started getting referrals from Real Estate Agents, and before long, the moving division surpassed the auctions!

Today, we are a full service company that will move you to your next Newmarket home, help you downsize and declutter, and leave you with an empty, clean (and very stress free) home to hand over to the next owner.

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