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Moving to or from Markham, Ontario? Hire an award-winning company to get you and your furniture, household items and personal belongings into your new home. Hiring Clarkson Auctions & Movers Inc. to move you into your new home will reduce your stress on the big day with a flat rate price, professional staff, and many years of experience.

There are many movers in Markham. We stand out with our clean moving trucks, friendly moving staff and attentive service.


How Much Will My Markham Move Cost?


Be careful when choosing your moving company on price alone. Moving can be stressful. A cheaper move might save you a few hundred dollars up front, but just one damaged item or wall can result in spending your savings on repairs. And you may find a cheap move becomes expensive when the movers show up on the big day and start adding costs for stairs, exercise equipment or unforeseen issues (because they didn’t do a walk through of your home before giving you a price!) We do a complete moving consultation for every potential client. After a thorough walk around your home to see all the items to be moved, the potential issues, stairs, distances and more, we provide you with a Flat Rate Moving Quote. Our pricing takes into consideration all factors of your move, and will never increase unless you add a significant amount of items to your move.


25 Years of Experience


Our moving division started organically, from our auction clients asking us to move them after seeing how careful we handled their items for sale. We were happy to add even more value to their experience. One move turned into another, and then clients started referring their friends. Today we are a full service company that will move you to your new Markham (and surrounding area) home, sell any items you are downsizing, recycle your unsalable items, and transport your ‘junk’ to the appropriate facilities. We leave you with an empty, clean home to hand over to your buyer.

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