Many people say moving is one of the most stressful days of their lives. And the bigger your move, the worse it gets!

First, you pack up everything you own into neat little boxes. Maybe do some cleaning and donate a few unused items.

Moving Day: The 1 Day Move

9:00am – The movers show up at your Stouffville home, pack everything into a big moving truck and drive it to your new place. This could take all morning, or in the case of bigger homes, a good part of the day.

2:00pm – The truck is loaded and makes the short trip to your new Markham home.

2:20pm – Your movers arrive at your new place. The old owner’s movers showed up late, and they’re going to be late getting out. There’s nothing to do but wait.

4:30pm. You finally get the keys. It’s time to unload. The TV goes in that room, those boxes go upstairs, just put the treadmill in the basement.

8:00pm – The stuff just seems to keep coming! The moving staff looks tired, and you want nothing more that a hot bath and a comfortable bed (they probably do too!).

10:00pm – The truck is finally empty. You’re standing in a jungle of boxes and shipping materials, and you can’t find any linens for the bed! Start opening boxes…

Whew. Doesn’t sound like a good first experience in your new place. Yet it happens over and over at so many moves, every day.


Clarkson Auctions & Movers has a really easy way to help reduce that stress to a dull roar, and make your moving experience easier.


Moving Day: The 2-Day Move.

How’s this sound?

Day 1 – The movers show up at 9:00am. They load the truck and are gone by shortly after 2:00pm, and the truck goes into our yard with 24 hour security surveillance. You get a chance to walk through the house when it is empty and really make sure you got it all.

Day 2 – The movers show up at your new place, 9:00am again, fresh faced and ready to get you settled. Today they’re unloaded and gone by 3:00pm and you have a chance to find the essentials in your boxes, do some unpacking, and most importantly – breathe! The move went perfect.

Seems much better, doesn’t it?


How To Pull Off The Two Day Move:

Step 1 – Call your Lender and tell them you need to ‘bridge finance’ your home new for a couple days. This means you’ll own both homes at once for a short period of time. Many people get a few weeks to renovate the new place while living in their old one. The cost to you should only be a few hundred dollars.

Step 2 – Call your Realtor, tell them you’d like to take possession of your new place a couple days early. Coordinate with the lender to line up dates.


Before – Take possession of new home on March 15. Be out of your old home on March 15. Move in 1 day.

Result – Stress, rushing, long day.

After – Take possession of your new home on March 13 (or 14). Be out of your old home on March 15. (You don’t need to change the closing date on your old home). Pack up your old home on March 14. Pick up the keys at your leisure. Move everything into your new home the morning of March 15.

Result – Less stress, more time, and you’ll even get to bed on time.


The 2 Day Move also reduces worker fatigue, reduces potential damage to items and homes and eliminates waiting on the old owners, lawyers and keys. And while you might have made sure your place is spotless when you move out, not everyone is as thoughtful. You’ll have time to send in a cleaning crew to make sure you move into a nice, clean home!


The 2 Day move won’t increase the cost of your moving service, and we’ve yet to have a client not love it.

Clarkson Auction & Movers makes your move easy. Contact Us today to book your 2 Day Move!