Frequently Asked Moving Questions

If you don’t find your answer here, please Contact Us and ask.

We’re moving, what is the first thing we should do?

You need to purge a little, get rid of things you haven’t used in the last year or two, or items you’re not emotionally attached to any more. Many people pay good money to move things they won’t even unpack or never use at their new location.

I want to pack my own small items and my clothes, where do I get proper boxes and wardrobes?

That one’s easy, we can supply boxes and wardrobes well ahead of your moving day.

On second thought, I may need help to pack up, is that possible?

If you need help packing part or all of you move then just ask, we’ll work out a fair cost for that too.

I have expensive art and hanging wall mirrors, how do you handle them?

Special art boxes and containers are available, we have moved very serious art collections. It is of utmost importance that you point out all of your art concerns during our first visit to your home.

I hear horror stories about moving companies, how can I protect myself?

The Ontario moving industry is unregulated, so anyone can get into it, including undesirable operators with little or no experience.

From damaging goods, adding charges upon their arrival on moving day and sometimes even refusing to unload until these extra costs are paid in cash, your concerns are very valid.

Like any service you require today it is important to do your homework and be comfortable with who you are going to trust to move your worldly possessions.

We can provide you with many testimonials from happy customers who will speak to the peace of mind we provide during your move.

Can I take possession of my new home on the same day I move out of my old one?

Please read this answer carefully… This stress is avoidable and removes practically all of the stress associated with moving if you can bridge finance and find a place to stay that night. On many of the larger moves we’ll load up your current home on the closing day and be finished by mid afternoon or earlier. We keep your goods in our moving vans under 24 hour surveillance and gated property overnight, then arrive at your new location the next morning for unloading. This gives you the evening in your new home to re-clean it the way you like before moving your goods in, of course most people leave their old homes in a tidy condition for it’s next owner, but it’s a great feeling to just touch it up to your liking, plus it gives you some extra time to confirm just where you’d like us to place your goods as we carry them in.