Clarkson Auctions & Movers Inc. can help you with every aspect of downsizing, whether it’s moving into a smaller home, reducing clutter, or taking care of an estate.


With over 25 years in the business, if anyone can get top dollar for your high quality items, we can! Let us know during your Moving Consultation what items you would like to sell, and we’ll tell you what is worth bringing to auction. You items will be removed from your home on the day of the move and stored in our secure storage until auction day. We advertise, put pictures on our webpage (which receives 3-5000 visitors every month) and let our email subscriber’s know about your items. Auction day is typically a full house – 150-300 people who want to buy your items! The highest bidder will be the new owner, and we will send you a cheque for the proceeds within 72 hours.


Often, you’ll have many items that are perfectly good, but simply don’t have any value in the used market. We can help you with this too. We pass along items to families in your community in need, from direct donation to thrift stores and other charitable organizations. You can feel good that your items aren’t ending up in a landfill, and you’re helping someone less fortunate. Again, we’ll show you which items are worth donating, and which might be better suited to the next option.

Junk Removal

We all have it, it seems to be a fact of life. The junk piles up, and one day you’ve had enough! You can’t fit your car in the garage, your spare bedroom is full, or maybe you just want to be able to move around in your basement. We can clean up one room or your whole house, and you’ll be left with less stress, less stuff, and more room! We’ve met the necessary standards required from the Ministry of Environment for safe handling, proper removal and transporting of household junk and related refuse. And of course, we make sure your home is left in the condition we found it – no scratches, scrapes and dings. Just because it’s junk doesn’t mean rough handling is necessary.


Finally, if you’re headed to a new home, you’ll be left with a much more manageable move. We will carefully pack, transport and unload your items. Now you can enjoy your smaller, more manageable space. Learn more about moving with us.

A Full Service Company

You don’t need to hire multiple companies to help you downsize, or to prepare an estate home for sale. Make one call and get it all taken care of by a professional, award winning company. As always, you’ll get a flat-rate price to take care of everything.

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